Victoria Robertson (Poulsen) aka DJ VYPA grew up in Brisbane and was classically music trained from a young age learning the piano throughout her schooling years.


After turning 18 and going out to different nightclubs and raves she started to get a fascination about djing and what it was.  She had had some exposure to music production due to her sister, beXta, being heavily involved in the music production side of things.

Her first look and mixing attempt was in a club in the Valley Brisbane.  She very quickly realised that it wasn’t as easy as it looked but was determined to give it a go and persue it as a potential career.

Not long after she found out about a DJ course that was going to be run in Ipswich in one of the nightclubs there, Club City.  She jumped at the chance of doing the course.

This course helped her emensely with her mixing ability and she passed the course with flying colours.  It would also be at this course that she would meet her future life partner.  After travelling to Ipswich to Club City for many Friday and Saturday nights to listen, learn, have a mix and observe she ended up officially becoming partners with Thomas, aka DJ Thumpa.

Soon enough after the club went through a lot of DJ’s we were finally put on as resident DJ’s for the club.  This continued for about a year until the club was sold and changed hands.

Victoria then took a more part time approach to DJing due to starting a family.  She still was involved doing the occasional wedding and party which gave her more experience in other aspects of DJing not just clubs.

Come 2016, now that the kids are older, she has now decided to come back in a full time capacity and rock the crowds once more.  She has also teamed back up with DJ Thumpa and formed Thump N Vypa and can be seen at the Q Bar Yeppoon (near Rockhampton) on a regular basis.

She also loves to produce her own tracks which she does in addition to djing and studying.

She also is really hoping that one day she can DJ alongside her sister, beXta, sometime soon.